What is the most important characteristic in an e-shop's web page?

When you visit an e-shop's website, what is the most important characteristic(ex.: customer reviews, wizard tool, security, many payment methods, etc.), according to you? What is the one thing that will make you trust and buy, or come back to that specific e-shop, or what you are searching for?

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Great question! You would be surprised how many outfits set-out without considering this topic first so you're already at the head of the pack!

Here's my two cents worth:

Walk a mile in your customer's shoes... create a few persona's that model your typical target audience... bring them to life (like soap opera characters) and role play their experience when using your site. Better yet use these personas to look at your competitors sites. The objective being to uncover deeper insights into the design features that are most likely to win your target audience. The next and arguably most important step is to implement your e-shop with the intention of changing it in response to customer feedback. Get your site into a low-burn experimental state... as you discover what really works invest those parts.

Your e-shop should evolve really quickly and effectively this way.

oh and one other thing... as your question suggested that you want to differentiate I would suggest you use the persona's to try out new features or user experiences... This way you can home in on the differentiations that really work!

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