8 of my favourite Agile RSS Feeds

Thought I would share the list of my favourite RSS feeds on the topic of Agile. They've helped me through some difficult times and continue to be a great resource for guidance and support.

  1. www.agileadvice.com/feed/
  2. feeds.feedburner.com/noop
  3. badiaries.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
  4. agilemusings.com/?feed=rss2
  5. feeds.agilesoftwaredevelopment.com/AgileSoftwareDevelopment
  6. feeds2.feedburner.com/ImplementingScrum
  7. pligg.scrum-on.com/rss.php?category=2&status=published&group=
  8. feeds2.feedburner.com/LeadingAgile
P.s. if you're not familiar with RSS feeds have a look at this tutorial: how-to-getting-started-with-rss


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  3. Hi Colart,

    Thanks for the post. Very good details. Worked like a charm. Good directions.
    Is there any in Pega-in built tools/framework for Static and Dynamic code analysis to identify security Vulnerabilities?
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    But you still need people with a development background using inputs from Business Analysts to make changes or add functionality.
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