5 easy steps to applying the entrepreneur's lesson to your next project:

Step 1) Analyze the core requirement that your deliverable is addressing.
This is very much about WHAT your deliverable is trying to achieve as oppose to HOW. The answer will give you greater flexibility when generating pilot options.

Step 2) Conceptualize a Pilot version of your deliverable that meets this requirement.
As a rule of thumb, aim to scale the solution down to about 25% of the original budget.

Step 3) Plan to pilot this release to a select set of target users.
Identify and engage your customers early. Prepare them for the release and how they can best help out. Make sure you establish several ways for them to communicate with your team.

Step 4) Set-up your development resources to respond quickly to feedback.
Make sure your own team is setup to capture and manage the changes in the following releases.

Step 5) Start planning a series of releases as required.
Be ambitious with your delivery dates. Constantly re-prioritize the tasks to maintain alignment with the overall requirement. Think
Triage! Follow this up with a schedule of release dates and commit to them publicly.

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  1. Well Colt, my problems begin with the first one itself or to be precise the Pre-Project phase: a group to whom I am catering are very fussy over certain things in their project and hence there is no clarity over what exactly is the Core Requirement! Communication is not a problem, comprehension of certain issues are a main issue when it comes to understanding the core requirements and capabilities associated with the same.